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The 16-years-old singer Bleonah lives in the city of Trollhättan, Sweden with her family from Kosovo. She started singing at an early age and made her first studio recording when she was just ten years old. At the age of 13 Bleonah released her debut single Opposites Attract and won the national Swedish radio channel P3:s contest P3 Osignat (“P3 Unsigned”) four weeks in a row!

Today Bleonah names Ariana Grande and Madison Beer among her influences. Earlier this year she released the single Kujtomet (the Albanian word for “memory”) aimed at her audience in Kosovo , where she has performed in all major TV channels and her fanbase is constantly growing. While it’s important for her to not lose touch with her Balkan fans, together with RIKA Music Group she is now aiming for a larger international audience..


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